DDC Committee Ground Rules

Below are some recommendations designed to make it easier for us to work together and with others.

Ground Rules

  1. We work primarily by email.
  2. When feasible, we will meet in person.
  3. Please copy (cc) everyone on the committee. We don't want discussions to split off into subgroups which exclude the others.
  4. Please respond as promptly as possible. If we don't hear from you, we will continue to move forward, and you risk your opinion not being heard.
  5. Votes will be primarily by email, and in person when feasible. If there is a deadline for voting and you don't respond in time, you risk being considered to have abstained.
  6. Please respect other's opinions.
  7. Please stick to the point.
  8. Copy (cc) people outside the committee only if the matter is of particular relevance to them, or if their input is being solicited. Specifically, there is generally no need to copy WFDF on committee business.

Stylistic guidelines for email

  1. Please send your notes as plain text if possible, since that works on all platforms.
  2. Please write in mixed or lower case. All caps looks like shouting.
  3. Sparse quoting: only quote the text you're responding to, rather than the entire discussion back to its beginning. We all have the ability to save messages and can go back to find context if necessary. That way we don't create enormous messages with ten levels of quoting as a discussion evolves.
  4. Insert a blank line after quoted text.
  5. If you believe it may not be clear who's speaking, use initials to indicate the speaker.