DDC Committee Working List

Status Key

N = not yet addressed
A = actively being discussed
I = inactive (discussion began, then stalled or was dropped)
C = completed
D = dead (discussed, no action taken)
RP = rule passed
RF = rule failed

Rules Process

***process for rules changes: GS 1 | GS 2 (selected)C
**schedule for rules changes (work back from WFDF schedule) - no need since rulebook no longer published in printed formD
**field-testing of rules changesN
**tournament procedures (experimental rules)A
**condensed/demo rulesN
**archive of pro/con reasons for rules changesN
*tournament formatsN
*rules Q&A/examples to show rules applied to certain scenariosN
*new section in WFDF book - Q&A, guidelines, etcN


***tie-breaking procedureRP
***endless rallyingA
**use of glovesA
***pool play sheetsN
***third option on infractionsRP
***forfeit procedureRP
**cleanup - typos, formatting, etcN
**end of an exchangeN
**tipping in non-escape situationsN
**incorrect serviceN
*distance between courtsN
*serving procedure: designated team starts playN
*expand head judge guide lines, proceduresN


***committee procedures GS 1 | GS 2 (selected)C
***European representativeC
***ground rulesC
***election processN
***subcommittees (how to get others involved at least semi-officially)A
**relation to WFDF and its bylawsN
**formatted email subject linesI
*there are a few places in WFDF docs where guts and ultimate are mentioned as the team sports/committees; DDC and freestyle need to be added to thoseN
*mailing list group for committee (yahoo maybe but has banner ads)I

Miscellaneous: Promotion, etc

**Yahoo group for DDC: doubledisccourtC
**how to get more playersN
**promotional tournamentsN
**demos at colleges, schools and clubsN
**golfers - demo at PDGA WorldsN
*"King Of The Court" format for 8 playersC
*ultimate outreachN
*website ideasN
*suggestions for the ranking systemN
*game summary on back of Wham-O discsN
*sporting event tie-insN
*grass roots tournament series (NAS)N