DDC Committee: Working Procedures

Approved 3/20/2003

General Procedures

  1. The number of committee members is between five and seven, inclusive.
  2. The committee must have a membership of at least five in order to conduct business. If membership falls below five, the committee's primary business is to appoint members until membership reaches at least five.
  3. Votes are decided by simple majority, except for rules changes which require 4 of 5, 4 of 6, or 5 of 7 for approval.
  4. The Chair votes as a regular committee member, and has no special tie-breaking privileges. It is the Chair's responsibility to initiate and guide procedure and to interface with the WFDF Board.
  5. There are no proxy votes.
  6. Any member may call for a vote.
  7. The suggested voting period is two weeks. Votes may be cast in person, by phone, by mail, by email, or by any other method that clearly communicates the voter's intent.
  8. It is not necessary to wait for all votes to be cast if a sufficient number to determine the outcome of a motion have been received.
  9. To add a member to the committee, a majority vote per General Procedure #3 is required.
  10. To remove a member from the committee, a unanimous vote (minus the member in question) is required.
  11. If a member wishes to resign from the committee, a one-month notification should be given.
  12. If a dispute over procedure arises, we will use Robert's Rules Of Order as our guide as to how to proceed.

Rule Change Procedures

Each committee member should keep a list of potential issues and changes regarding the current rules. These issues can come from players, subcommittees, or the committee itself. When a new draft of the rules is called for (by WFDF or by the committee) the following procedures will be followed:

  1. An issues list is created, and the chair calls for suggested rule changes to address those issues. These suggestions can be written up informally. As part of the research process, proposed changes should be tested in the field when possible.

  2. Changes are developed into rulebook format. There may be more than one version of a given change. If that happens, the committee resolves the competing versions (through merging and/or voting) into one version. After a period of discussion and reworking, there will be a list of proposed rule changes.

  3. Proposed rule changes are then voted on for incorporation into the current rules. The vote on a proposed change will take the form of a choice between the current version and the proposed new version. A majority per General Procedure #3 is required for any change to pass. Any change that does not pass may be considered at a later date.

  4. Rule changes that have passed are incorporated into the existing rules and circulated to the committee members to proofread and check for continuity and context before sending them to the WFDF Rules Committee for ratification. If the WFDF Rules Committee suggests changes, those will be written up, discussed, and voted on per the procedures above.